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Product details of INDIA GATE CLASSIC

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Product details of INDIA GATE CLASSIC [1KG]

  • When the world thinks of Basmati, it thinks of India and India Gate Basmati rice.Wherever you dine in the world, India Gate Basmati rice will be an integral part of every quality rice recipe and on your platter to relish.


India Gate Classic Basmati Rice

India Gate classic is an exotic class of basmati. It embodies all the attributes of a true basmati rice grain. It is pearl white grain, smooth, extra-long and extra fine. It will be an important part of all quality rice recipes and on your platter to relish. On cooking, the grains fluff up to other than twice the unique length; and won't stick together or break.

Delicious Rice for Healthy and Fine Dining

India Gate makes use of basmati rice procured from the farmlands in the country. Most of the grains in this bag will have a pearly look and a sword like shape that will rise to at least twice the size when cooked.

Recipes with Classic Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is known as a delicacy thanks to its rich aroma and almost sweet flavor. It can be used in a variety of rice dishes including biryani, pulao, and other Indian dishes. One can have it with meat, curries, dals and more. Also, this rice can be used for Chinese dishes like fried rice.

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