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MAGIC Long Lasting 3D Eyelash Curler Natural Makeup Tool

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MAGIC Long Lasting 3D Eyelash Curler Natural Makeup Tool

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Welcome to IMAGIC

Product Description: 

1.Suitable for most eye shapes, beginners can also be skilled. 

2.It conforms to the human body's curved angle design. 

3.Carbon steel bracket, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, not easy to damage, durable. 

4.The handle is small and cute, easy to operate, easy to handle, comfortable to hold, easy to carry. 

5.Double-lined round and wavy handle,both sturdy and non-slip. 

* Eyelash curler *

1: Draw the eyeliner and eyeshadow first. And then curled the lashes after drying You have to apply mascara after finishing your eyelashes. 

2: Make sure your eyelashes are clean and dry. Wet lashes will make your curls look unnatural. 

3: Place the upper eyelashes in the middle of the shelf. Close the eyes and slowly open them so that all the lashes are in the jaw. 

4: Extend the jaw as much as you can to the root of the lashes, but be careful not to squeeze the eyelids. 

5: Open your eyes and slowly curl your lashes. If you feel pain during the procedure, relax your jaw immediately. 

6: Clamp the eyelashes and release after 5 seconds, keep your hands still when curling the eyelashes. If you want the lashes to be more curled, you can repeat them several times.

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