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ESPORA ZERO White Chardonnay 750ml

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Product details of ESPORA ZERO White Chardonnay 750ml

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Product details of ESPORA ZERO White Chardonnay 750ml

  • Brand : Espora Spain
  • Product : Espora Zero Red NonAlcohol (0.0% Vol)
  • Net Weight : 750ml
  • Origin : Imported from Spain​​​
  • Certification : Halal recognised by International bodies and Jakim Malaysia
  • No added sugar
  • 80% less calories hence giving you the benefits of antioxidants while keeping you fit
  • Suitable and drinkable by Vegetarian
  • Presentable as gift
  • Can be used as a cooking w.i.n.e. where conventional w.i.n.e are not suitalble to be used, eg. Halal cuisine
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Not bad product but quality good

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