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Halal Bich-Chi Vietnam Roll Rice Paper

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Halal Bich-Chi Vietnam Roll Rice Paper 

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Product details of Halal Bich-Chi Vietnam Roll Rice Paper 20 keping 22cm

  • Halal Vietnam Roll Rice Paper - 20 piece per packet- diameter 22cm- 100 % Halal & Vegetarian; NO preservatives, NO artificial colours- Used in Thai & Vietnamese dishesIngredients:Rice flour, Tapioca flour and saltHow to use1. dip 1 sheet of rice paper in warm water for about 3-4 seconds until the paper becomes fully moistened with water2. lay the wrapper onto your work surface which should be clean & flat3. neat the bottom of the spring roll in the center, start your creativity by laying your choice of ingredients for the filling4. fold the bottom of the spring roll over the end of the filling, then tightly roll the wrapper all the way up5. get it as tightly wrapped as possible6. You're done! Enjoy~! ** make sure you have all your ingredients cut & prepared BEFORE getting the spring roll wrapper wet ** ** the longer the wrapper sits the more flexible it gets, the best is within 30 - 60 seconds or it will get sticky & difficult to roll
  • Cara Menyediakan Kulit Popia:1. masukan air suam/ airbiasa suhunya ke dalam dulang2. Celupkan kulit popia ke dalam dulang, kemudian angkat dan bentangkan dalam pinggan leper / dulang3. Jangan gunakan air panas nanti rice paper anda cepat lencun dan mudah terkoyak semasa hendak menggulung4. Susun susunan inti popia ikut kreativiti anda5. Pastikan anda lapik rice paper yang telah dicelup di atas pinggan/lapik yang licin supaya rice paper tidak akan mudah melekat. 6. Gulungkan segera seperti kuih dadar / popia biasa.7. Tadaaa~! Popia anda siap untuk dimakan~!
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